Speciality Vehicle

All walls of the vehicle covered for easy clean and full hygiene friendly environment.
Upholstery trim etc designed to match the vehicle design and interior.
Insulation fully insulated inside.
Material: Covered with Insulated Aluminium Sheets with stainless steel finish.
Partitioning wall between patient compartments.
Cabinet for storing cloths, bags and accessories
Grab Handles
Attendant bench seat with back rest (if required), with hydraulic hinges to allow storage area underneath, 2 point seat belts for 3 people to be fastened to the strong anchor point of the vehicle
Ramp to have the facility to adapt to fitting a mortuary tray or Coffin
Seating, luxury seats with arm rests, fold up base upholstered with a colour of your choice

Mortuary Trolly Stretchers:
Folding type, spring loaded designed for carrying coffins and to fold down and store into the vehicle.

Electrical / plumbing :
Air Conditioning unit in patient compartment
4 x Internal roof lights for patient compartment
Roof ventilation extractor with intake and outtake of air.
2 x Scene lights at rear of vehicle
Light Bar with Siren, Speaker and Amplifier
60L water tank both supply and waste with fittings, stainless steel wash basin and faucet cost of materials
Waeko refrigerator 12 volts 8L

Flooring fitted with marine plywood and the covered with a choice of Aluminium chequered plate or Automotive type vinyl for extra safety

Partition between driver cabin and patient compartment

GMC Savanna, converted into a Mortuary vehicle for transporting 1 patient, insulation, storage area, electrics, seating and much more,

Check below specification for full details of the conversion.

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